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Order page

Order page.


You can find out our prices, terms and the order procedure here.

1. Time. The standard time of most checks is within 3 - 21 days.

2. Cost. The average cost for the investigation is within 300EUR - 3000EUR depending on the complexity.

3. Data. The exact cost and the time are calculated after our consideration of the available incoming data. They can be:
- the country, area or city,
- if the person's official address is known,
- if the identity and citizenship is valid,
- if the person constantly lives there,
- if her/his contact are available and working: email, phones, Skype, etc.
- age,
- the person's capability,
- job post,
- guard,
- if the person drives a car,
- if she/he has any criminal past,
- if the person's marriage or divorce was registered officially and in which country,
- etc.

4. Procedure.

- Before to send your case for our consideration, please, prepare and provide us with all available information, that you have managed to collect by now.

- Then you will fill in and send the online form for our consideration.

- When we receive your request, we will fulfil a standard check of the provided contact details. Our specialist will send a confirmation request to your Email. You have to confirm your request and your E-mail address personally. This measure allows to prevent a possible leakage of a confidential information to third parties. Besides it allows to prevent a possible non-working email address, if it had been entered incorrectly by you.

- After your confirmation we will fulfill a preliminary checks, consider the chances to accomplish the task completely, calculate the time and the exact cost.
The estimation will be made and sent to you within 1 day.

We do not make any premature hasty estimations at this stage.
The opportunity of your individual case depends on the area, city, all necessary complete incoming data, etc. The calculation is being carried out manually.

5. Confidentiality. Our company guarantees the observing of confidentiality. Also we expect the same confidentiality from our clients.
This measures allow to achieve goals successfully and efficiently.

6. Prepay. We work with full prepayment.

7. Payment methods. You will be offered several payment methods depending on the amount, case location, client's country.


8. Reports. The client will be provided with the complete report in the agreed form. The report includes all items that the client had ordered.
If during the investigation clients adds or changes the work volume, then the final cost and time will be re-calculated.


9. Discounts. The client has the right to require a discount. The discount depends on many factors: if the client has already used our services before,
if it's an urgent case, if he has complete incoming details, if the investigation demands strict secrecy or it's not necessary, etc.